Teacher Assistant, Non-Instructional

License required in 5 states

75th most burdensome licensing requirements among moderate-income occupations

90th most heavily regulated occupation among moderate-income occupations

What They Do

Non-instructional teacher assistants, also known as teacher aides, assist teachers in nonteaching duties, such as managing records, materials and equipment; attending to the physical needs of children; and supervising students and performing such other services as support teaching duties when such services are determined and supervised by a teacher. They serve in a position for which a teacher or another professional has ultimate responsibility for the services.[c]Adapted from N.Y. Comp. Codes R. & Regs. tit. 8, § 80-5.6 and https://www.onetonline.org/link/summary/25-9041.00[/c] This report looks at requirements for teacher assistants working at non-Title I-funded schools only.


Five states license non-instructional teacher assistants who work in non-Title I-funded schools.1 All states require high school graduation. Rhode Island is the only state that requires any education or experience (30 hours, or about 7 days), Louisiana is the only state that requires an exam and New Mexico is the only state that charges a fee ($79). Two states have an age requirement: 20 years in Louisiana and 18 years in New Mexico. The average requirements for this occupation are the 75th most burdensome of the 102 occupations studied here. However, because only five states license the occupation, it ranks as the 90th most widely and onerously licensed.

License to Work

The data and information here come from IJ’s License to Work report, released in November 2017.

States Ranked by Average Licensing Burden for 102 Lower-Income Occupations

More Burdensome Less Burdensom
Based on data released in November 2017

State Licensing Requirements

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Burden Rank State States Licensed Fees Estimated Calendar Days Lost Education Experience Exams Minimum Grade Minimum Age
1 Rhode Island 5 $0 7 30 clock hours 0 12 0
2 Louisiana 5 $0 0 1 12 20
3 New Mexico 5 $79 0 0 12 18
4 Delaware 5 $0 0 0 12 0
4 Georgia 5 $0 0 0 12 0