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We think it is wrong that states require many people to get a license to work in their chosen job – even though many of those licensed occupations are perfectly safe and should not require this government “permission slip,” or the license isn’t relevant to the work.  These licenses often cost thousands of dollars and take thousands of hours of training to receive. 

This creates barriers that can be impossible to overcome for people who are simply trying to do honest work and provide for their families. And often, these licenses force people to work in the shadows, which is not fair. 

Needing the government’s permission to work when your job poses no health or safety risks to the consumer is wrong and unnecessary. Nobody should have to sacrifice valuable time and hard-earned money to be able to work. 

You have the right to work and earn an honest living without the state trying to hold you back.

The Institute for Justice is a national non-profit organization that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs across the country change their state laws to make it easier for them to work.

If you are struggling with your state’s licensing laws, we want to talk to you to see if we can help. We will keep your information confidential.   

We will not share your story without your permission. 

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