Sheet Metal Contractor, HVAC (Residential)

Thirty-six states license HVAC sheet metal contractors working on residential properties. On average, states require close to three years (1,026 days) of education and experience, $384 in fees, and about two exams. All in all, 31 require at least one exam (New Mexico requires four). These requirements rank as the ninth most burdensome.

Sheet Metal Contractor, Other (Commercial)

Twenty-six states license non-HVAC sheet metal contractors working on commercial properties. Twelve states require between two and five years of experience working under a licensed contractor. Alabama and Mississippi require completion of three contracted jobs. Twelve states require no experience. On average, states require 567 days of education and experience, $360 in fees ($1,078 in Nevada), and one exam. These high barriers give commercial non-HVAC sheet metal contractors the 21st most burdensome requirements of the 102 occupations studied.